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Below you'll find GentinG777 casino tips which will hopefully be of some help to you in your online casino gaming experience:

  1. Always remember to claim every deposit bonus that you can get at GentinG777.

  2. Whenever possible, play European Roulette instead of American roulette because the additional "00" in American Roulette almost doubles the  house edge compared to European Roulette.

  3. Don't ever take insurance bets in Blackjack because the odds of winning these are more then twice the house odds of other bets and you're just throwing away your money.

  4. Don't keep any cards in a video poker hand that does not have anything that pays out. The worst you can do is get another five cards that don't pay out, and you're just as well off as you were before.

  5. Take your time! There is no time limit and no one rushing you to make a decision, so sit back, take your time and really think about what you are going to bet on.

  6. ​Make sure that the casino that you choose has 24/7 live help available. You may never need it, but if you do, you'll be thankful that it's there.

  7. Don't chase after losses. Make sure you set a budget and stick to it!

  8. Make sure that you see gambling of any sort as entertainment and not a sport or a way of life.

  9. ​You will almost always play in a different way when you play 'play-money games' and when you play 'real-money games'. Remember that no matter what you are playing for, the games are the same and the odds don't change.

  10. When you win a bit, put that away and save it for later.

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