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Note: This affiliate program is for Gwin & AceWin games only.

Commision Plan

For our Affiliate, you will get highly paid commission feedback. If you wish to know more details, please add Telegram & WhatsApp to contact us!


Weekly Commision Calculation

Simple and clear calculation for agency commission,
Together to create a future with Genting777

Commission Calculation Tutorial
Example 1:
Company profit RM2,500  >  Commission Rate 20%
Your net commission: [ 2,500 x 20% ] = RM 500

Example 2:
Company profit RM25,000  >  Commission Rate 40%
Your net commission: [ 25,000 x 40% ] = RM 10,000

Remarks: Any loss amount will be carried over to the following week.

Become an Affiliate ( Referral )

Don't worry about that you don't have any website or experience, we still welcome  you join us.

  • No need website

  • No need experience

  • No need money

Step 1

Please contact us to start our first meeting! Be Genting777 affiliate, and build a win-win future together!

Step 2

We'll make you fully understand the cooperation way, and then we can grow the company's business together!

Step 3

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our customer service group for agents.

Why Choose Us

Genting777 cooperates with a lot of top slot game brand to create the best Casino platform in Malaysia, offering you a safe, fair and reliable casino games platform.

Term and Conditions

  1. All player is automatically become an affiliate.

  2. Affiliate will cooperate with Genting777 to be bankers and share the profits.

  3. Be Genting777 Affiliate, Members need to make a deposit with Minimum RM50.

  4. Member are only allowed to own ONE member ID in Gwin or AceWin, same terms applied to agent.

  5. Genting777 agent are allowed to register an account under their own agency.

  6. System will update players win and lose in real time and calculate affiliate's weekly commission on the basis of the commission rate.

  7. Weekly statement will be send by WhatsApp Monday and the payment will be made by the next day.

  8. Affiliate don’t need to pay for the amount that players win in the week. The amount will be deducted in affiliates’ commission of the following week.

  9. Affiliates need to afford the cost with Genting777 for players’ win or promotion bonus on the basis of the commission rate.

  10. A valid player is defined as one who bets in the week. If player uses promotional bonus to bet, the amount will not be counted in.

  11. Even with valid player betting, Genting777 still have the right to monitor player’s bet for risk concern.

  12. Affiliates account must be activate within 3 months after registrations with a monthly designated minimum degree of activities.

  13. Your personal contact ( WhatsApp/WeChat) must be active in order to receive Genting777 monthly updating promotion.

  14. Affiliate accounts will be closed with no activity in 6 months in a row, agents may contact Genting777 to apply for reopening the account.

Want to be agent with position 80% ~ 85%? Contact our sales manager now !
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